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livinginlyrics's Journal

Living in Lyrics
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Do you...

+ consider yourself musically obsessed?
+ listen to music that appeals to your emotions?
+ find your mood affected by the music you listen to?
+ memorize lyrics naturally?
+ constantly search out, or accidentally discover lyrics that apply to a certain emotion or situation?
+ listen to bands solely because of their lyrical genius?
+ find that lyrics relate to you and your life?
+ spark curiousity in others with your ability to rhyme off lyrical quotes in response to situations and emotions?
+ enjoy reading and sharing lyrics?

if so, you should be clicking the join button right about now and settling into the perfect community for people like you who live in lyrics. as a member of this community, you are welcome (and encouraged) to do the following:

+ post lyrics that express how you are feeling.
+ post lyrics that apply to a personal situation or experience.
+ request lyrics that may apply to your current situation. (ex. i just got dumped and i would like some lyrics that...)
+ request lyrics for particular themes/reasons. (ex. i am making a mix tape for my best friend and...)
+ share lyrics that you see as being beautiful, amazing, or of general interest to the community.
+ expand on stories of how lyrics have touched your life.
+ share band reccomendations and news.
+ post lyrics you have written for others to enjoy, and critique upon your request.

if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the community creator and mod: feltlikesound. (AIM: Felt Like Sound)

A Couple Of Rules

+ try to avoid completely off topic posts.
+ no ads for other communities, there are places for that.
+ no bashing the musical preferences, or life situations of others.
+ attempt to maintain decent spelling and grammar, please.
+ do not go insane with font colors, sizes, and effects, that's just a pain. (this does not mean you can't change these things, just don't go overboard.)
+ if you're post is getting obscenely long, put it behind a cut or break it up.
+ don't disallow comments, this community is for sharing.
+ respect others, and their lyric requests.

surely those aren't too hard to follow?